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CFP® Certification Professional Education Program

Become a Certified Financial Planner

Course: CFP® Certification Professional Education Program
Dates: This program is not currently offered.
Location: Graduate School of Management

Program cost includes: Convenient on campus parking, textbooks, face to face sessions, and robust online component.

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To learn more about the program or inquire about payment plans, please call 505-277-2525 or email

UNM tuition remission is accepted.

EPEC’s CFP® Certification Professional Educational Program is a hybrid program that incorporates face to face instruction with a robust online component and a complete set of textbooks. The sessions are led by Certified Financial Planning Experts currently in the field. It equips participants with the educational foundation required to sit for the CFP Board exam, and to better serve their clients with sound financial advice. In addition, the program provides students a proper balance of education and means of practical application that bridges the gap between knowledge and practice.

The length and academic requirements for our program will be met primarily through attendance of regular in-class instructor-led classes, combined with online learning lessons, and textbooks.

To learn more about becoming a CFP® Professional, click this link.

Seven Modules

Parking is the Yale Parking Structure across from UNM's Graduate School of Management. Modules will be held in Anderson's Graduate School of Management. Click here for location information.

Join the CFP Board

Whether you’re just beginning to consider a career in personal financial planning or are completing the final classes of a CFP Board-Registered Program, indicate your interest in CFP® certification by creating a secure online account with CFP Board.

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CFP® Discounts Available

UNM Discount: $700 off ($7700 per participant) for UNM Alumni
Group Discount: $700 off ($7700 per participant) for groups of 3 or more from the same company

CFP® Certification Professional Education Program
Cost includes course materials and campus parking.

Who should attend?

  • Those wanting to prepare for the CFP® Exam